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Don’t call me sugar baby

I grew up in a large extended family in Canada that was all about growing their own food, most being farmers. We always had a large garden and cooking food from raw ingredients was the way it was done. Everything was homemade, including the majority of the bread we ate. I remember being at a friend’s house when I was about 10 or 11 and her mom pulled out a pie from a box. I refused to eat it and she must have thought that I was such a snob. I was just shocked that apple pies came in a box!

Around that same age I read a book called “Don’t call me sugar baby,” which was about a girl that got diabetes, and I remember being so fascinated when she went to the dietician to learn about calories and the sugar content of food. I was hooked! My poor parents dealt with endless meal plans and diets after that. 

Although my plans for studying shifted along the way to engineering, and then to psychology, I never lost my passion for food and for food science. Moving to the city meant specialty food courses, unique foods could be found, and I was introduced to new cultures and their diets from the people that I met. 

In 1999 I moved to Sweden for 6 months (21 years ago…) and that started me off on a whole new journey. Since then I have studied Swedish massage, became a yoga teacher, studied to become a health consultant (friskvårdsrådgivare), and travelled the world with my husband and two children. 

At the present date I am living in Spain with my family on the Costa Blanca, enjoying my favourite eating lifestyle: the Mediterranean diet. We enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits year round, olives and olive oil locally produced, seafood and chicken. We also consume plenty of lentils and beans. 

In recent years I have fulfilled my dream of living in the sunshine and I have completed my college studies and am proud to be a certified nutritional consultant, currently working with clients of all ages.

I am excited to share my love of food with you. Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions. I am always here to help. 

Peas, lettuce and onions,