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Good morning – Good night

Breakfast is so much more important than most people think. Both adults and children need it for the energy that it provides us in order to absorb information, to problem solve, and to be able to sit still and focus at school, or on the job.

A balanced breakfast needs to contain carbohydrates, protein and a good fat. Carbohydrates breakdown into glucose – a sugar that fuels the brain. Protein and fat keep you feeling full longer, resulting in less snacking between meals.

The balance between carbs and protein is something that you can experiment with. Some people feel better with less of one and more of the other, but that is something that you can test on yourself to get it right. The most important point is to eat breakfast regularly and then optimise the meal. 

Need some examples? Try some of the following, mix and matching as desired:

  • Boiled egg, whole wheat toast and avocado
  • Yogurt (full fat), berries, muesli, almonds/ walnuts
  • Oat porridge with nut butter, banana and pumpkin seeds
  • Smoked salmon, fried potatoes and salad greens
  • Smoothie – with yogurt, tofu/ nut butter, spinach, banana, berries…

Too many of us do not shut off the TV, telephone, or the computer early enough in the evening. All too often we sit consumed by social media, or binge watch Netflix. Although many think that this is the perfect way to relax in the evening before bedtime, it is quite the opposite. As the majority of us tend to sit hardwired to a computer or telephone at work all day, having it stimulated all evening by an electronic source does not give it any time to relax. Once you have gotten ready for bed and crawled in, your poor brain is still on super speed mode.

Solutions? Here are my best tips:

  • Shut off your screen/ TV at least one hour before bed.
  • If the house is too quiet, put on some relaxing music that encourages you to wind down.
  • Aim to always go to bed at the same time each night. It will become habit and your body will start to get tired at the right time.
  • Take 10 minutes to sit down in a comfy chair, or lay down on the floor, or on your bed, and just take breathe deep. If 10 minutes is too much, try 5 and work up from there.
  • Take 10 minutes and stretch your body from the work of the day. It will be thankful for the love that it is receiving!

All of these will prepare your body and mind for a long night of sleep.