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Are you worried about the price of getting started?

Are you worried about the price of getting started? You need a strong WHY!
As the owner of a coaching business with a gym, I regularly find myself in situations where people want to confess things about their training and health to me. I become their guilty conscience for a while…in fact, many people DO feel guilty for failing to prioritise their training and health.

“I’m too lazy to start exercising”
“I never manage to complete anything”
“I just don’t have the time”
“I can’t because I am too weak to participate”
“I am in so much pain I can’t do it”
All these phrases are very real and common. The most common is probably the first one. Many individuals go around thinking of themselves as lazy, which is very sad for their self-image.

We always start with a Free consultation

When we take on potential clients, we always start with a Free consultation. A conversation to find out about goals and current situation so that we can recommend the best possible approach for the individual sitting in front of us.

One of the first questions we always start with is “Why are you here?”
Often we get answers along the lines of:
“I want to lose weight.”
“I need to get stronger”
“I wish to have more energy”

We explore WHY a person wants to lose weight

What is important for us, and for the client, at this point is to explore more carefully WHY a person wants to lose weight, for example. The stronger the emotional connection, the more likely it is that the exercise will become a long-term, sustainable habit. Take these examples:

“I want to lose weight so that my boyfriend and I can have children.”
“I need to get stronger as I’m so embarrassed not to be able to go skiing with the rest of the family”
“I wish to feel more energetic so that our relationship can get back on track”

It’s important to explore your WHY carefully. The stronger the emotional attachment to a goal, the more likely it is to be achieved. We persist in asking the question “why?” until we find the real reason why someone is seeking our help.
Do you find it difficult to maintain a good habit, difficult to keep up the practice?
Maybe you just need someone to help you find your “why”? Someone to remind you of your why and someone to show you the best way to reach your goal?

A good coach is not just good at showing you how to do exercises. A good coach will help you find the important reasons why you want to exercise, eat better and establish good habits.
– What’s important to you?
– Who or what would benefit from you feeling better?
– What would you do more of if you were fitter and stronger?
– How would your mood be affected if you felt more satisfied with yourself?

Book a free consultation

You can never stop exercising, the most important thing you can do is to take care of yourself so you can live the life you want, have the relationships you want, keep the hobbies you want.
Are you still worried about the price of getting started? Get back to your why and book a goal setting session at our gym today!

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