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Fix Your Workplace!

Every workplace has “well being” people and the “feeders”. You know, those individuals who are extra concerned about the atmosphere, who keep an eye on how everyone is doing, who like to “fix things” for their co-workers. Then there are people that feel the need to feed others, most often with less than energy giving food. It is time for you to stand up and fix your workplace.

Workplace feeders

The problem is when such people unthinkingly carry out their friendly efforts without a thought for the consequences. For example, most workplaces have well-being people who are also “feeders”, that person who says “won’t you have just a little bit?”

A “feeder” is that person who almost always makes sure that there are “goodies” available.

A little piece won’t hurt you!

He sets out the pie he has baked in the staff room.

She puts out a bag of croissants at the workplace meeting.

They give small gifts in the form of sweets.

They think it is important to “treat themselves,” and therefore sweets must be available at all possible gatherings and meetings.

It is difficult to say no to a colleague who has made an effort and is sharing his or her generosity. Moreover, the feeder may question the person who refuses on the grounds that “it is important to indulge sometimes.”

Health freaks

“You have to LIVE a little”, is a classic line from this person, and feeders don’t hesitate to call those who exercise and choose a more healthily lifestyle “health freaks.”

What the feeder doesn’t think about are the many challenges that those colleagues may have when it comes to diet and exercise.

Breaking the feeder cycle

What the feeder refuses to take responsibility for is that meetings and conferences are made LESS effective by sweets, which spikes blood sugar and can cause drowsiness and irritability afterwards. What the feeder refuses to realise is that they may be baking and treating for their own validation.

Who is your workplace feeder? How can you offer your generosity in ways other than being the feeder? What well-being measures can you contribute with instead? Try bringing a veggie plate with hummus, or a fruit plate with cheeses and see what happens at your workplace.

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