Body Composition

Maximise your results with customised Body Composition with the InBody

There is really no path to long-lasting success if you are not properly fuelling your body away from the gym. Our Body Composition program is here to help. Rather than offering expensive nutrition solutions as an add-on to our programs, we incorporate tailored nutritional guidance for each and every member we work with. Plus, we help you track your success with precision using the InBody 270 scanner.

Join us for customised personal training, and enjoy professional resources that can help you truly fuel your body and get the most out of your fitness journey.

What’s Included In our Body Composition Program?

We know that every body is different. And every body needs a different strategy to find success.

We start with basic lifestyle guidelines. Aligning your “why” with your priorities

With the help of our professional coaches, you can find sustainable nutritional solutions that complement your training routine. We will use an initial 1-on-1 consultation to understand your goals, your priorities, and what has held you back in the past.

Here at You Just Stronger, we will give you access to:

  • Education on why our solutions work
  • Ongoing accountability including monthly check-ins
  • Constant feedback and the ability to adjust at any time

So, How Can The InBody 270 Scanner Help You Find Success?

For the longest time, we have been using numbers on a scale and waist measurements to track our success. Well, not anymore.

With an InBody 270 scanner, we are giving you the chance to better understand every aspect of your health and body composition. This cutting-edge technology offers a simple, straightforward breakdown of your progress so that you can celebrate your success and measure your progress with precision.

In just a few seconds, the InBody scanner can produce accurate readings of your:

  • Body fat index
  • Water weight
  • Lean mass composition
  • Metabolic rate

If you are serious about seeing results, join us and take on the best Body Composition around. We offer comprehensive guidance as a part of our training and nutrition programs.