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Customer Testimonials

Read our customer testimonials below that we have received both by email and on Google reviews.

”When I started with You Just Stronger I was low on confidence and struggling with aches and pains and feeling unfit. They designed a personalised fitness and nutrition program for me and within a few weeks I started to see a huge change. Now I feel stronger and more confident than I have in a long time. The training is specialised to your needs. Henrik is a great trainer and motivator and truly wants to help you reach your potential.”
Rebecca G, Javea, June 2021
“I’ve tried a lot of things. Diets, training programs, you name it, but they each focus on one thing only. The Kickstarter programme was everything – training AND nutrition! I liked it a lot!
For me, losing the five kilos in six weeks wasn’t the big thing. What I liked the most was that I shifted focus, got into new habits, and ate so many wonderful dishes!
I’ve never cooked this much in my entire life, and probably never before have I eaten so many nice meals. Before this I could only lose weight when I was able to run. Now, with knee problems, I lost weight anyway.
What is the secret of You.Just Stronger and their programme? I think it is the mind and body approach and the constant coaching support.”
David, Gothenburg Sweden, April 2021
“Five Star rating. I started my Journey with You. Just Stronger, a couple of months ago. I’ve always been active doing different classes 5 times a week but this was not working for my body. I started at You. Just Stronger, overweight by about 8 KG, in serious pain and with diverse mobility issues.
I thought I knew what I wanted but Heather and Henrik at You. Just Stronger, said no, this is the program we prescribe for you. I was a bit upset but decided to go along with it. I am now pain free , 7 kilos lighter and my mobility has improved a 100 % I feel strong, healthy and fit. I am once again able to enjoy my life the way I want too.”
Ciara, Javea, Spain
“My goal was to lose weight and become stronger, and in doing so, I hoped that the side effect would be finding a good daily structure, and to be able to relax in my habits.
I felt that it was very simple to follow the training program. The programs were varied, fun, and I liked that they covered the whole body during every session. And I’ve noticed results! I feel stronger.
Overall I am satisfied and happy that I participated. It’s cool to see the results you can get with your body when you have the right tools and knowledge! Finally I believe that I achieved most of my goals. I always had great, and quick, help and support from Robert which felt good and safe. Thanks!”
Tove, Guldheden, Sweden