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Fitness training for kids & teens

KIDS (AGES 9 – 12)

What is the focus for this group?

  • Movement exposure
  • Movement, mobility and agility skills
  • Creative solutions to movement challenges
  • Movement through games

TEENS (AGES 13-18)

What is the focus for this group?

  • Agility and mobility training
  • Capacity to solve wide variety of movement problems
  • Increased level of weight lifting technique


2 sessions per week Membership

  • Per month = €79

1 session per week Membership

  • Per month = €40


Max 10 per group so reserve a spot now!

Fitness training for kids & teens

During the school year we will hold fitness training for kids and teens on a weekly basis. We are passionate about keeping our youth active and in sports, as it helps them boost their energy and self-confidence!

Training will be twice per week and sessions will include a combination of body weight training, functional fitness, mini-workshops about lifestyle choices, healthy eating, etc, outdoor training, and weight lifting for the Teens.


What else is included?

  • A monthly Sunday hike somewhere around Javea (parents are optional)
  • Regular nutrition and lifestyle sessions


Kids: 17:00 – 17:55  Tuesday & Thursday

Teens: 18:00 – 18:55  Tuesday & Thursday

Strong youth fitness training for kids & teens

We love kids and believe that they can become stronger physically and that they build confidence and emotional stability through movement.

You Just Stronger offers a fitness program designed to: increase body awareness, prevent injuries, improve sports performance, and keep our youth active and engaged.

Read more here about the benefits of strength training for youth.

In our positive and welcoming fitness studio, you will be hard pressed to find a better training environment for your family.

You Just Stronger programs incorporate functional movements that develop all aspects of fitness, such as core stability, endurance, coordination, body awareness and balance.

Meet Rachel, our youth coach:

“To be challenging myself physically and growing stronger has changed my life to the better. Helping others to fall in love with this process is what I was born to do.
To help people improve their fitness and happiness through moving their body and learning new skills that can help to make them stronger physically and mentally!
I have a passion for coaching Kids & Teens to become stronger, happier and healthier human beings. I am excited to be leading the Strong Youth programme at You.Just Stronger.”