Kickstarter Challenge

Click here to read about the success stories from our previous clients. Not only did they lose weight, they gained muscle, better sleep, and new healthy food habits!

Join our Kickstarter challenge which aims to help you transform your body (with or without any equipment), and your lifestyle, all brought to you by our friendly coaches.

You Just Stronger is a thriving health and fitness hub that is dedicated to helping people become stronger versions of themselves, both physically and mentally. The Coaching team are well educated in all aspects of health and fitness coaching, from personalized training, to nutrition, to yoga and mobility.

How will this programme help me?


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Would you like to:
* Lose fat
* Gain muscle
* Increase your cardio
* Look and feel better in your clothes
* Create better habits with food and fitness
* Become a stronger, healthier, & happier version of you?

Our latest Kickstarter group lost between 4 and 8 kg of fat per person over 6 weeks! They also gained muscle mass and have a lot more energy.

Sound good? Ready to make a change? Then the YJS 6-week Kickstarter Challenge is for YOU! 

Remember, this is NOT a quick fix, it is science based and a great start for a healthier and stronger life.

All you will need is a space to exercise, a water bottle, a towel, and some determination. We will then guide you step by step with your training and your diet to help you transform into a stronger, happier version of YOU.


Get the 6-week programme for only €299 for the first 5 that sign up! So be quick and secure your spot today!

The next challenge starts May 17, 2021.

What’s included?

  • A full 6-week, nutritious meal plan with easy to use recipes. This includes meal prepping and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day. No need to worry about what to eat, or how many calories to consume. We’ve got it all covered.
  • A specially programmed 6-week training plan @ 3 days per week, delivered via our TrueCoach app. You choose between a limited equipment, or a gym programme.
  • Expert coaching daily
  • Daily powerwalks
  • A health assessment before and after the 6 weeks

So are you ready to take on the challenge and transform yourself? Sign up for the May 17th start for only €299 and receive an added value of €250 for FREE by being one of the first 5, so sign up today!