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Our Fitness and Nutrition coaches

Why do you need a coach?

We believe that everyone, at any level of fitness, needs an objective set of eyes on their movement, nutrition and lifestyle.Whether it be fixing an incorrect lift, or holding you accountable to healthy eating, our OPEX certified and nutrition coaches will always provide you with the support and challenge you need to grow.

Hire a coach, not a rep-counter or cheerleader!

Coach Henrik

I have a genuine interest in helping other people to lead a healthier and happier life. I am constantly learning and educating myself in order to further my knowledge within the health and fitness realm. Together with a partner, every year we organise Coaches Congress, one of Europe’s largest gatherings for fitness coaches and companies in the industry. Read more about it here.

My free time is spent cycling, strength training and hiking, preferably with family and friends. My mission as your coach is to help you integrate fitness into your daily life. I want to inspire you to not only achieve results that you are proud of, but that you are inspired to continue on your health journey for the rest of your life.


EPTI Personal Trainer L1

Eleiko Functional Trainer

OPEX Coaching Certificate Program

Coach Heather

I have been fascinated by yoga and wanted to be a fitness and nutrition coach since the age of nine. My curiosity for food and a healthy lifestyle have only increased over the years, and having children has given me a whole new outlook on handling food allergies, picky eaters, and the never-ending juggling act between family life and exercise. As a nutrition and food coach, my focus is not only on individuals, but on families as well. I love to help families make food and movement part of their new healthier lifestyle.

While living in Sweden I studied Swedish massage (a deeply relaxing massage that stretches muscles allowing for pain relief), and and also became a yoga teacher.

In the past 5 years I have completed my nutrition studies, as well as becoming an OPEX certified personal coach. With my broad knowledge I focus on developing a whole body plan for my clients – nutrition, strength and stretch.


Certified Nutritional Counsellor, Alive Academy

Sports & Fitness Nutrition, Alive Academy

Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach

Precision Nutrition – speciality program “The psychology of change.”

Certified Global Yoga teacher (Forrest yoga inspired classes)

Swedish classic massage

OPEX CCP Level 1 Associate Coach

Coach Robert

My goal is to better people’s health and wellbeing so that they can get build strong physical bodies. The joy and the knowledge that I have acquired over the years through my own participation in sports, and the various courses that I have taken in the field, is something that I am passionate about sharing with others.

I want to teach people not only to workout, but also to workout in the best way to prevent injury. My ambition is to make training fun, with plenty of variation and challenges. My focus is on the whole picture – where training, nutrition and other health aspects go hand in hand, giving the recipient a long term sustainable result.


Physio therapist

Certified coach

Coach Klara

I will be moving to Javea this summer to work as a coach at You.Just Stronger. My main position will be to work with Kids & Teens training and to manage the Summer camps!

In addition to that I will also be leading the new cross-training group classes for adults  that YJS will start at the end of June.

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. My great interest in training grew after I stopped practicing gymnastics after many years as an athlete. Nowadays my main sport is CrossFit.

I have worked as a coach for about 5 years, first in gymnastics and then in Crossfit.
My biggest passion is to help and see children and young people’s confidence grow as they accomplish something they never thought they could.

When I’m not in the gym I prefer to be outdoors in nature, most of all on the ski slopes. I look forward to meeting you this summer and exploring all that Javea has to offer!

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Brand X Method coach

Gymnastics coach