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Run Academy

Run academy by You.Just Stronger

Become a better runner with YJS running group!

What we do:

– Basic running technique to make you run faster with less effort and with less risk of getting injured.

– Mobility and warm-up drills.

– Strength exercises for runners.

– Hill running – technique, strength and cardio in one.

– Different kinds of interval training.

Fast or slow? – Everyone is welcome to join the group! We never do distance running so we always stick together!

A maximum of 8 people in each group which will make room for individual feedback and coaching.

When? 18:00 every Wednesday from September 23

Where? We meet by The north end of Arenal

Cost? €10 per session

Get your running gear on, bring a water bottle and get ready for improvement!

YJS Run academy is led by Robert Cederstav who is a certified Running Coach, Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist.