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Swedish massage

Swedish massage for muscle & tension relaxation

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly offered massage techniques, often called a classic massage. The kneading and stretching techniques aim to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension. Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage, but the pressure applied can be increased or decreased according to the client’s preference. Read more about the benefits here.

On holiday in Javea and looking for a relaxing massage? Or perhaps you would like to exercise at a gym during your vacation and want to treat your aching muscles to a massage. Take advantage of our package deals.

Looking for a gift for a partner that is an active padel player, cyclist, or other type of athlete? Why not give a gift certificate for a massage, or perhaps choose one of packages such as the 25 minute massage plus a 30 minute stretch personalised for him or her.


  • Shoulders & back 25 min = €30 per session
  • Shoulders & back 11 pack x 25 min = €300
  • Full body 55 min = €50 per session
  • Full body 11 pack x 55 min = €500


  • Shoulders & back 25 min + stretch PT 30 min = €40
  • Shoulders & back 25 min + nutrition consultation 30 min = €40
  • Shoulders & back 25 min + gym day pass = €40
  • 1 x Shoulders & back 25 min + gym week pass = €65


Read about our stretch classes here.