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Youth Fitness

Fitness for youth & kids

We love kids and believe that they can not only become stronger physically, but that they can build emotional strength through movement. You Just Stronger offers a solid functional fitness program designed to deliver physical awareness, prevent injuries, improve sports performance, and keep youth active and engaged for a lifetime.

In our positive and inclusive coaching environment, combined with experienced coaches who connect with, and motivate kids and teens, you will be hard pressed to find a better training environment for your family.

You Just Stronger programs incorporate functional movements that develop all aspects of fitness, like strength, core stability, endurance, co-ordination, body-awareness and balance.

We are devoted to safety in movement and helping kids and teens develop a broad physical foundation and healthy habits. Bringing a positive impact on not only their physical capability, but their mind-set and emotional wellbeing too.

Stronger Youth – 14 week session

Our program will focus on posture, overall strength, movement patterns and building confidence while the kids participate in strength, mobility and cardio building activities. This is an ideal activity for any child, youth or teenager regardless of prior sports training or current activity level.

When: 1 hr each week from January (14 weeks total)