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Welcome to You. Just Stronger – your best choice for fitness and nutrition coaching!

Join the friendly and supportive community in our studio in Javea. We are here to support you on your journey to wellness with personal fitness and nutrition coaching that is tailor made for your needs. Not only do we work on making you stronger, we also focus on stretch and mobility to ensure you are moving freely in the years to come.

We are proud of our youth and teen training in group classes and look forward to watching these kids develop into mentally and physically strong young adults. Read more about the benefits of fitness for youths here.

Did you know?

  • Over 85% of our clients are over the age of 40.
  • Personal fitness and nutrition coaching in English, Spanish, or Swedish.
  • We do fitness and nutrition coaching for teens and adults.
  • The majority of our clients are women.
  • Holiday in Javea / Xabia? Get a weekly vacation package for entrance to the gym. Contact us for more information.



Our inspirational and experienced coaches are here to help support you to get in the best shape of your life. All personal fitness and nutrition coaching packages are designed to suit your needs and goals. At our fitness studio here in Javea, your needs are put first. Book a free consultation to learn more about how we can make a difference in your life.



Over 80% of people will regain the weight they worked so hard to lose. It doesn't have to be this way, because something so fundamental as fitness and nutrition should not be overwhelming. Our fitness and nutrition coaching is all about breaking down each step into simple actions that can be done sustainably. We will be there to support you during your entire journey.



We are passionate about getting kids and teens moving, as the benefits are numerous:
• Overall physical health improvements
• Builds self confidence and self esteem
• Fitness is a proven emotional outlet & booster (anger, sadness, depression)
• Improves sleep
• Improves concentration in school and elsewhere
• More time exercising = less time behind a computer screen!
Our fitness and nutrition coaching for youths is tailor made to suit their needs, which is different from an adults.

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I first met Henrik and Heather at the very early stages of my current fitness journey...the advise and support I have received from them both has been incredible. I ran my very first 5k thanks to Henrik and without his support it wouldn't have been possible . Heather has introduced me to yoga and for that I will be truly grateful. The journey of fitness is not a easy one but with Henrik and Heather in your corner it will definitely be an incredible one


If you are considering personal training and prefer a private experience with a highly knowledgeable and “practice what you preach” individual, Henrik is the trainer for you. He is warm, welcoming, down to earth, and motivating. His personal studio is very well equipped and totally private. Working with him was good because the sessions were always different and my body always felt challenged. Not only are the workouts with him great but he has also provided me with the tools to help me maintain my goals at home. I feel as though I have finally found the right balance with nutrition and exercise. Thanks for your help Henrik!


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