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Over 80% of people will regain the weight they worked so hard to lose. It doesn't have to be this way, because something so fundamental as fitness and nutrition should not be overwhelming.

Yoga & mobility training

Are you interested in the benefits of yoga, but feel uncomfortable joining a group class at a yoga studio? Have you ever considered...

Online Coaching

Your coach designs the experience to best suit YOU! Completely personalised coaching with monthly video calls and daily updates...

Body Composition

There is really no path to long-lasting success if you are not properly fuelling your body away from the gym. Our Body ...

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If you think gimmicks and quick fixes in nutrition or in training make you better, You. Just Stronger is not for you. We believe in a science-based approach to nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise.

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Good morning – Good night

Breakfast is so much more important than most people think. Both adults and children need it for the energy that it provides us in order to absorb information, to problem solve, and to be able to sit still and focus […]

80/20 lifestyle

What does it mean to live a “healthy lifestyle”? Does this mean workouts at the gym at 07:00 each morning, followed by 30 mins of yoga, and then salads all day? NO!  In our family we don’t see this way […]

Don’t call me sugar baby

I grew up in a large extended family in Canada that was all about growing their own food, most being farmers. We always had a large garden and cooking food from raw ingredients was the way it was done. Everything […]

Youth Fitness

We love kids and believe that they can not only become stronger physically, but that they can build emotional strength through movement. You Just Stronger offers a solid functional fitness program designed to deliver physical awareness, prevent injuries, improve sports performance, and keep youth active and engaged for a lifetime.

In our positive and inclusive coaching environment, combined with experienced coaches who connect with, and motivate kids and teens, you will be hard pressed to find a better training environment for your family.

I first met Henrik and Heather at the very early stages of my current fitness journey...the advise and support I have received from them both has been incredible. I ran my very first 5k thanks to Henrik and without his support it wouldn't have been possible . Heather has introduced me to yoga and for that I will be truly grateful. The journey of fitness is not a easy one but with Henrik and Heather in your corner it will definitely be an incredible one


If you are considering personal training and prefer a private experience with a highly knowledgeable and “practice what you preach” individual, Henrik is the trainer for you. He is warm, welcoming, down to earth, and motivating. His personal studio is very well equipped and totally private. Working with him was good because the sessions were always different and my body always felt challenged. Not only are the workouts with him great but he has also provided me with the tools to help me maintain my goals at home. I feel as though I have finally found the right balance with nutrition and exercise. Thanks for your help Henrik!


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