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The power of tiny gains…

Albert Einstein knew about the power of tiny gains. He said that the “interest on interest effect” is the eighth wonder of the world. Throughout history, repeated small improvements are the basis for amazing achievements. We humans are no exception to that rule.

Most great things that happen take time. One of the world’s richest people, Warren Buffet, has accumulated most of his wealth after the age of 60. He is now 90 and has been called the world’s best investor. “Long-termism” is his hallmark statement.

Unfortunately, most of us only see the finished product. As a result, we humans are very impatient creatures. After all, the magic lies in small and CONSCIOUS advances that happen every day.

Many spend 20 plus years NOT exercising, or NOT caring about what they eat, and then when they decide to try to improve their habits, they are ready to give up if positive results aren’t seen after only two weeks!  Usain Bolt said “A lot of people will just stop because they’re tired or bored. You gotta do that extra one. That’s when you improve.”

Patience and 1% a day.

Patience. One percent a day. You try to change your habits, your lifestyle. It will take time.

Starting to save, starting an exercise program, following a weight loss plan, and trying to get healthy is something that will benefit you for decades in lots of ways. It will take time, and it will be worth it!

Here is some perspective: A healthy and lasting weight loss is about 0,4 kg per week, or 1% less body fat per month. That can be 15-20 kg, or 10% body fat, in a year. Crazy results!

However, most people don’t have the patience required and they give up due to lack of quick results. It’s 100% okay to expect more from yourself. It’s just that people often end up giving up on a workout schedule, only to try something new again. If they’d stuck to the original plan, chances are they would have already reached or exceeded their goals.

Set at goal for you 1%

Now, when you decide to start a journey towards better health, set a goal to improve by just ONE PERCENT a day, and be patient.

Don’t listen to the media’s message of quick fixes. Don’t jump on that “detox” or “weight loss challenge”. No 16-week program is going to give you a solution for the rest of your life. There is no “magic pill” that you can take. This is the same the “get rich quick” solutions that rarely ever work. Overnight success is a myth. The changes you want will take time and they will require you to work for them.

But hey, don’t get hung up on the 1% figure, as it’s not that easy to measure. You also don’t know exactly WHEN you reached your goals. The point is that it DOESN’T matter. You will notice positive effects from day 1 of taking action to better yourself.

Read more here how you can apply the 1% rule to all areas of your life.

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