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Time Management…

Are you really that damn busy?

What’s so unique about your life that you can’t have time management enough to workout 2-4 times a week to keep yourself healthy and strong?

Do you really have fewer hours in the week than others that actually manage to fit exercise into their busy life?

It’s so easy to make excuses and think that “no one gets it” regarding how busy you are. But there are LOTS of people who work out and eat well even though they have multiple children, even though they may be executives or self-employed, even though they are also volunteers or politically involved…

Stop being so apologetic and stop with the victim mentality. 

  • We have gym owner friends who don’t exercise enough
  • We have former schoolmates who don’t exercise enough
  • We have friends and family members who don’t exercise enough
  • We have gym members who don’t exercise enough

For all of them, it’s about getting better at time management and prioritising. 

Make exercise your and your children’s priority.

A teenage girl can train 5 times a week and still manage her studies!

A self-employed parent can manage her business, her family and her training! 

Of course YOU are far too bad at prioritising and planning if you don’t exercise!

It is important to understand how serious it is NOT to exercise. Adolescence, for example, is a golden opportunity to establish lifelong habits. As a parent you have to put in the REAL work to help your child be active. It’s not always easy, but you need to stop making excuses for both yourself and your child far too often.

Does reading this make you upset? Then it’s probably time to get a grip on your habits

Read more here how you can apply these time management to all areas of your health journey.

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