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How to succeed with your goals and health resolutions!

Once or twice a year many people decide on a “new start,” or change in their life. For many, this new start and change is about becoming a more well-trained, and healthy person. At this time there are many cheap gym membership bought, with the majority kick-starting with exercise and healthier food. For many, however, it was just a kick start and not a persistent habit.

Unfortunately, almost 80% of all training-related initiatives have already dissolved within the first two months. So most people fail!

We do not want to be a training facility where 80% fail, nor are we, because we have a solid process to ensure that you get the results you are looking for. Here’s how to start training with us, step by step.

Free Consultation

We always start with a conversation to get to know you. We want to know what your health goals and potential worries are, as well as what you have for previous experience and practice in both training and nutrition. Based on what emerges in the conversation, we will give you our suggestion of a plan that is customised for you. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach with regards to health and fitness. 

We take on the responsibility of providing expertise and will always provide you with the best possible solutions.

Meet with your own coach

The first part of your journey with us begins with personal training with one of our knowledgeable coaches. From the first meeting in the gym, you will be taken care of by a coach who will help you learn new movement patterns and exercises. Your coach will also give you suggestions on “homework sessions” that you can perform to get you started. Your coach will follow you closely and help you with everything including learning to journal your workouts and nutrition. We have a lot of experience in helping people establish new healthy habits.

Weigh-in on our InBody machine

To give you objective measurement points, we offer you the opportunity to regularly weigh in on our InBody machine. Here we can see what you need to add to your diet to keep you healthy and fresh in connection with your new exercise and nutrition habits. It is common that we recommend a little more fruit and vegetables, as well as increased water intake to increase energy. You would probably be surprised how often an increased energy intake helps many to lose weight if that is the goal! For us, an InBody is yet another way to avoid having to “guess”. The more we know, about your body and your results, the easier it is to give the best possible advice. Therefore, we recommend that you document both your training and your InBody results.

90 days

It takes about ninety days to establish a new habit. When ninety days have passed, you will have increased confidence in your training and nutrition habits. Most people choose a program where they regularly train with a PT because it is simply the clearest recipe for success in keeping their good habits going. As coaches, we take responsibility for holding YOU accountable. In order not to become one of those 80 percent who fail with their new goals and initiatives, you simply need someone who will continue to support and push you.

In this way, we ensure that our clients succeed. Our mission is to be the best and most professional facility for people who want to change their lives.

We welcome you to book your consultation, as we would love to help you on your way to a healthy future!