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Stuck, frustrated, disappointed!

I’ve heard these words: “stuck, frustrated, disappointed, ” so many times when people describe themselves.

“Stuck in the same place I was a year ago.”
“Frustrated that I haven’t made progress.”
“Disappointed that I am not where I thought I would be.”

In every single one of these conversations, through a series of questions from me, the people I talked to were able to describe a clear picture of where they wanted to be, and who they wanted to be. That alone is a BIG win. After all, most have no idea…and that’s ok too FYI…

But, if you know where you want to go, and where you’re starting, what’s stopping you?

The answer is simple- ACTION!
Either you “take action” or you don’t. Either way, you are making a choice.

1. You either choose to vote for the person you are today, let’s call it “maintaining the status quo,” or you take action and cast a vote for the person you want to be.
2. You either decide to start behaving differently from the behaviour that got you where you are today, or you don’t.

A big problem most people have when it comes to “action” is the belief that you have to take “BIG action”. Just look at all the messages we are fed on social media about how you “are where you are because you aren’t working hard enough”.
It’s false!
If you want to climb a steep mountain, you don’t need to take the biggest steps possible, rather the opposite. You take the smallest possible steps because you know that’s what’s sustainable in the long run. Good coaches and good guides, know this.

Just one small step… today!

But because of the mindset people have around the MASSIVE action they think they have to take, they miss out on taking the small action that would actually take them forward, just one small step, TODAY! Followed by another step tomorrow, and another step the day after that, and another step after that…

• A glass of water today.
• A 30 minute walk tomorrow.
• A glass of water and a 32 minute walk the day after that.
• Two glasses of water and a 32-minute walk the day after that.

In four days, that’s four votes for the person you saw in front of you that you want to be. Yes, it really is that simple. It should be so simple that you simply can’t say no. Consistent action beats intensity every time, if you’re “in it for the long game”

What action are you taking today?

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